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First-Aid And Geriatric Care Training.:

Jeevan Suraksha Charitable Society regularly organizes this training in rural & urban areas so that witnesses can help accident victim in first Golden Hour. Accident, disaster and sudden illness can happen with any one irrespective of caste, creed, color, status and age.

we have our training unit for the general public, who wish to work for their loved ones as well to help the society. During training we teach them how to perform First-Aid in medical emergencies, when a medical professional is not immediately available. During training we teach the correct method of providing nursing care, prevention and care of bedsores, care & management of urine catheter, Ryle's tube, mobility exercises, method of providing a bedpan, urine pot and prevention of cross infection with Aseptic precautions, etc.

Training is on Audio-Visuals and Hands on practice on various types of Manikins.

Health Care Giver Training:

Empowering women by providing them training of a health care giver to help and care the old age patients in our society. We provide them training on audio-visuals and various manikins. Training includes how to help an elderly person to get in and out of bed, how to maintain their hygiene, bed making, method of personal hygiene of the patient, intake out -put record, checking of blood pressure, pulse, blood sugar and body temperature. Besides this, in case of emergency doctor on call as well as an ambulance to transport patient to hospital is available. After this training they may even get a job with a home patient or in the hospice care center as a health care giver.