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feedback by: Suresh Achkarpohare

My mother 72 year old was admitted with Jeevan Suraksha in an unconscious state with tracheotomy tube, feeding tube, urine catheter, bedsores, etc but with the dedicated services & rehabilitation program of Jeevan Suraksha my mother is totally out of all tubes in her body and now she is ambulatory, taking complete food and absolutely normal as she was, today after four months I am taking her back to our sweet home.

I & my whole family along with relatives & large number of friends are highly obliged for the services, care & love of Dr. Shyam Laddha, Mrs. Sunita Laddha & their team. I pray God to give lot of potential to Dr. Laddha & their team to serve many needy in the society. Good Luck.

feedback by: Lt. Col (Dr.) Sanjay Ghodmare

My mother is in a total bedridden condition with tracheotomy tube admitted with Jeevan Suraksha Hospice & Palliative Care Center. I am very happy to see such a Noble centre is functioning in Nagpur. Dr. Shyam Laddha & his team is doing a Noble service to the society & I wish them good luck in their future endeavourer .

feedback by: Ravindra A. Kamble, Head of Dept.

I deeply woved by the dedication & devotion displayed by Dr. Shyam Laddha & his associates in taking care of elderly bedridden. I attribute his success to his ability to get personally attached to each & every patient which not only inspire will power in them but expedites the recovery.

My all best wishes to him & his care centre, which will benefit millions in future. All the Best!!

feedback by: Anjan Kumar Bose,

Dr. Laddha is a great human being & all the staff are very polite and cooperative. I am confident that my sister will recover very soon. Hats off . best wishes.

Mr. P. Sundarrajan

feedback by: Mr. K. Raja Murty

I frequently visits Jeevan Suraksha Half-Way HOME as my uncle resides here. I found the facilities provided excellent and the staff very cooperative and helpful. I wish the organization good luck and many more years of social services. Excellent Service, Dedicated Team, You will make a difference !

Mr. N. Natarajan

feedback by: Mr. N. Natarajan

During my stay here from 25/11/2011 to 08/12/2011 the team of Jeevan Suraksha nurses and doctors attended me extremely well. I felt I was in my own home. The food was good and all the facilities for old patient's care are adequate. Jeevan Suraksha team is doing marvelous service to humanity and I wish them good luck and prosperity.

P. Rajama Bai

feedback by: Mrs. R. Sangamthala

My mother aged 92 years suffering with Spinal Cord problem since four months. Due to some personal reason I was not able to care her in my home, hence I was searching some help to take care of her, I approached Mother Teresa's Ashram but one mother explained me that, we give shelter to them who are totally alone and helpless in old age. But God will send somebody to help you and on the same day I read about Jeevan Suraksha Half-Way HOME in the news paper and immediately approached here, since two and half months my mother is here and she is very happy. All the staff members are very nice and co-operative, my mother is very happy for the care. Doctor and madam are very kind and they have taken timely and proper care of my mother. Now, we are shifting to Pune and I am taking my mother along with me.

Got a chance to meet Dr. Shyam Laddha, discussed my mothers problem. His understanding of the matter, his analytical skills, his practical suggestions and his openness of thoughts with a Human touch are rare to be found in today's World.

I only wish to say that, I met a real Human today. Thanks Shyam for your guidance, wish I had met you earlier. God Bless you, your family & staff of the Jeevan Suraksha Charitable Society. Regards to a Human.

feedback by: Dr. Pramil Gopal Asolkar

It is indeed a great human service Dr Shyam & his colleagues are carrying. I am very much impressed the way they are carrying on their duties looking after the old geriatric patient may you continue such work and you will all get good help and satisfaction from the almighty.

feedback by: Dr. Ashish Banerjee

I am pleased, delighted and honored to see old age person smiling. I wish I can spend my old age here.

feedback by: Dr. V.D.Pendharkar

Smt S. Sheorey, Our Patient was staying in this institute for one and half month. She got very good treatment and Nursing during this period, We are thanks for this services.

A humbling experience indeed. An experience that brought the importance of empathy, respect for all and our duties towards the stalwarts of society Dr Laddha, a big salute to you.

feedback by: Mr. S. Ramakrishna

Dr Laddha is engaged in an extremely important activity. The idea of caring for another human is the most important character of an Individual. His looking and caring for the deprived is extremely noble and equal to serving God. My blessings with the Jeevan Suraksha family and all the inmates.

feedback by: Dr. Uma D. Rathi

It’s hard to come at Jeevan Raksha to keep my mother her but seeing her after 10 days, it’s really God’s grace that I came to know about Dr. Laddha and Mrs Laddha both of them are really next to God for my mother and me. Its heaven no other words. Please keep it up. Wishing all the best for their work.

On visiting this institution all my companions and myself were overwhelmed by the kind of services Jeevan Suraksha Soc. extends especially to the geriatric persons we think it must be an exclusive institution in entire central India.

Dr Laddha is vision towards servicing the mankind is appreciable. The staff and sisters are very cordial and supportive to the patient, cleanliness is maintained and patient are treated with atmost care and concern . This place is a boon for Nagpur city God Bless!!!!!

feedback by: Gangadharan

feedback by: Mr. Sisodia

feedback by: Sushila Dudhmande