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1) Geriatric Hospice Care Center:

Hospice care is directed primarily at symptom, not disease control. Perhaps the most publicized aspect of hospice care is the alleviation of pain. This is only one of the measures taken to maintain the patient's quality of life. Hospice care also takes into consideration concurrent stressful symptoms, such as loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, hiccups, itching, labored breathing, coughing, insomnia, depression, anxiety, incontinence, constipation and difficulty in swallowing. We work with a sound therapeutic medical back-up so that, aging & elderly persons are taken care of during their convalescence and recovery period.

A Rehabilitation program, for patients with major health and rehabilitation issues, like amputation, major surgery, stroke, injury to central nervous system, Cardiac problems, patients discharged from hospital after major surgery, in a bed ridden condition, require round the clock care 24/7. We provide the necessary support with the help of our team of trained nursing staff, OT & PT, Medical Professionals on call, Social workers and Counselors.

Short Stay
Short-stay rehabilitation can help "bridge the gap" between hospital and home, giving you the extra time you need to get back on your feet again. Jeevan Suraksha Hospice and Rehabilitation Center offers a complete range of post acute, post trauma and post-surgical care services.

Long-Term Care
For patients whose lives have been profoundly affected by aging, accidents or illnesses, our center offers the opportunity to live a life as comfortable and fulfilling as possible. Not only do we offer expert medical, nursing and therapeutic services, we also provide a warm, comfortable and caring environment for long-term living.

2) Palliative Care Center:

A unique HOME for those who are in a medically terminal condition. Active medication is ineffective and only nursing care is of any use. Their illness may vary from being simple fracture to cancer. Palliative care applies not only to malignant disease but also to several other diseases, such as End stage organ failure, Paralysis, Dementia, Alzheimer's, Degenerative Neuromuscular diseases, Congestive heart failure, Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, multiple bedsores and any such condition which cannot be managed at home, but requires institutional care to relive the pain & maintain the hygiene without much cure. It doesn't serve only the dying, it also focuses more broadly on improving life and providing comfort to patients of old age with serious, chronic, and life-threatening illnesses.

The interdisciplinary Jeevan Suraksha team provides psychological, social and spiritual counseling. The patient and family is the primary unit of care and services are available on a 24/7 basis. Our services are also available during the period of bereavement.

3) Dispensary on Wheels:

On call our mobile van with Nurse & Paramedic along with First-Aid kit & dressing material visits patient's home for the bedside procedures like dressing of wounds or bedsores, nebulization, enema, sponge, bath, etc.

Many a time's patients cannot be managed at home, in such situation we take the patient in the same mobile van to the particular doctor/hospital for the treatment and management with the due consent of patient and their relatives.

4) Dispensary & Day Care Center for Old Age:

We have an OPD for the elderly aged patients, where our doctor & nurse do the general medical check-up for blood pressure, blood sugar, body weight and other health disorders on regular basis. We keep the track record of patient's health to show their treating physician if & when required. Many elderly persons suffer due to Dehydration, Electrolyte imbalance, Constipation, Hypoglycemia, General weakness. Physical ailments which are not always caused by disease but are also caused due to physical infirmity, which is sufficient to make them bedridden, hence sometimes we have to keep them in our Day Care.

5) Patent's Health Care at HOME [PHC at HOME]:

It's a Home Based Health Care Unit working for the bedridden and sick at their HOME in their familiar surroundings. Our nurse, attendant, social worker, physiotherapist & doctor visits patient's HOME as per need & requirement for general nursing care, dressing, management of wounds and bedsores, care and insertion of urine catheter, Ryle's tube, injections, Nebulization, checking of blood pressure and blood sugar, any care which can only be provided by suitably trained persons.

6) First-Aid & Geriatric Care Training for Patient's Family & Volunteers:

We have our training unit for the general public, who wish to work for their loved ones as well to help the society. In training we teach them how to perform First-Aid in medical emergencies, when a medical professional is not immediately available. During training we teach the correct method of providing nursing care, prevention and care of bedsores, care & management of urine catheter, Ryle's tube, mobility exercises, method of providing a bedpan, urine pot and prevention of cross infection with Aseptic precautions, etc.

Training is on Audio-Visuals and Hands on practice on various types of Manikins.

7) Health Care Giver Training for Women:

Empowering women by providing them training of health care giver to help and care the old age patients in our society. We provide them training on audio-visuals and various manikins. Training includes how to help an elderly person to get in and out of bed, how to maintain their hygiene, bed making, method of personal hygiene of the patient, intake out -put record, checking of blood pressure, pulse, blood sugar and body temperature. Besides this, in case of emergency doctor on call as well as an ambulance to transport patient to hospital is available. After this training they may even get a job with a home patient or in the hospice care center as a health care giver.